How to avoid sex

Children who lack parental attention then do not rule out the possibility that the child will look for pleasure outside the home in accordance with their own wishes and added again to the influence of peers who used to do sex then it is possible the child follow friend's lifestyle if not do not want to be called slang. There are several solutions to avoid promiscuity, including:

First, make regulations to protect teenagers from the spectacle that does not educate. It needs to make the rules of the film in favor of moral development of the nation. Therefore, the Draft Law Anti-Pornography and Porno action (RUU APP) should be legalized.

Second, parents as the main responsible for the glory of children's behavior, it should create a harmonious family environment in the family. Conditions of the household must be addressed in such a way that the child at ease and at home in the house.

Third, return to parents should develop communication with children who are supportive. Communication is characterized five qualities; openness, empathy, supportiveness, positivenes, and equality.
Fourth, parents should show appreciation openly and avoid criticism. If forced to, that criticism should be delivered without shaming and should be supported by plausible arguments.

Fifth, parents should train children to express themselves. Parents should familiarize themselves negotiate with their children about the behavior of both sides.
Sixth, know that despite the suggestions here with regard to the development of self-esteem, all have close links with intellectual development. The learning process used effectively in an environment that develops self-esteem. In essence, only if the self-esteem of children valued their intellectual potential and independence can be developed.

Parents' example is also an important factor in saving a child's morals. Parents who fail to provide a good example to their children, their children will generally see the deterioration of moral behavior.

Free sex occurring among adolescents is very troubling us all. Sex behavior can be prevented through family, sehendaknya parents pay more attention to their children especially children and young adults to give sense to the child about what sex and the consequences if the sex is done. Free sex it can also be prevented through self-will, teenagers should be thought of consequence before most teens do further enhance faith and belief in god further increase. The government also plays an important role in prevention efforts among adolescents as sex education in schools and held to make special laws for children who commit violations will think again Prior to the act violations.