Overcoming Conflict in the family

Resolve the conflict in the household needs to be addressed seriously. Conflict in the household experienced any normal couple. Often, conflicts and quarrels more tapered and protracted. Even if the conflict would not end soon disrupt sex couples. Many couples are difficult because of the bad habits menyelesaian conflict in communication. Things like this emotion to be addressed when it does not want to drag on.

When beheld to the root of the problem, there are 1001 kinds of conflict. From perseoalan sexual life, problems mengasuk children, financial problems, education of children, affairs, until the little things that are very trivial. From putting glasses carelessly, until other serious problems.

For those who can not resolve a dispute, separate living an inevitable divorce ends. Before the relationship is more severe, you should seek immediate mengakihir conflict resolution. Some tips can be done, such as:

  1. Do not use sex as a punishment or a gift for your partner, because the erotic experience will be lost and encourage the breakup.
  2. Resolve all issues as quickly as possible. Any emerging issues, discuss both immediate and discussed until it got way out. No need to hook-associate a problem with another problem.
  3. Open to forgive each other, because one could not have been completed without the problem of mutual understanding of both parties.
  4. Each discusses the problem, how the problem should be clear. Give very clear explanation. Do not underestimate the problem, because it can bring up the issue of the new.
  5. Finish by making a clear agreement. Both parties must respect the collective agreement. Arguments may appear again if one party breaks the agreement.